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Second Edition

The game night sensation, Urban Trivia, is back with the 2nd edition! New questions, New interactive features, New Rules, and New Look while giving EVEN MORE nostalgic vibes! Movies, Music, TV, Viral moments, Black History, HBCU + MORE! It’s time to test your knowledge of the culture!

It’s not game night without

We stepped it up with new design for the box and the cards. We also improved the packaging with a new and more durable box that not only looks great but feels great too! 

New Look

105 all new trivia cards with topics Ranging from Growing Up Black, Movies, Music, TV from the 80's, 90's, 2000's to Current Sports, Black History + MORE

New Questions

FACTS OR CAP: these are true or false questions with bonus point opportunity!

Questions that don't have a definitive answer. Therefore we let your predefined host use their discretion to settle the debate.

When the House Rule card is pulled, what they say goes! Complete the action or lose points.

New Rules

We're just heating up though – 

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