How to Play

Your House, Your Rules!

But Here Are The Basics...

Each person should take turns being the host. One person draws a trivia card from the top of the deck and reads it aloud – the question and four answer choices (the correct answer is in bold)





Each team or individual has 10 seconds to answer the question. To do this, we like to place the card down with the answer choice facing up. But feel free to throw the answer card face down, hold it over your head, or just yell it out 🗣

Place the question card deck face down and pass out a set of letter answer cards to each team or individual. Also, choose someone to be responsible for keeping score ✍🏽

You can take score or take shots! 👀🥃
- 1 point for each correct answer
- 2 additional points for getting it right the fastest
Play on Mamba Mode and lose a point for each incorrect answer

The individual or team with the most points wins the game. 


Setting Up